Stranda Fjord Trail Run

Three days, three runs. Which will you choose?

Stranda Fjord Trail Run (SFTR) is a technical and challenging trail that offers an unforgettable experience to its participants – are you up for it?

SFTR is a technical and challenging trail run boasting stunning Norweigian landscapes. It is based in Stranda, which is a small village in the midst of beautiful western Norwegian nature. This trail race is exciting and challenging and is sure to exceed your expectations. SFTR gives participants an unforgettable running experience as it allows them to experience the stunning fjords and mountains that Norway is so known for. This trail race is known to be Norway’s most beautiful trail run.

SFTR will be hosted for the fourth time from August 16-18th, 2018. It has grown substantially since the first event was held; in 2015, there were 43 participants, 122 participants in 2016 and 550 participants in 2017. Participants come from all over Norway as well as from countries all over the world. In 2017 there were participants from 17 different countries. 

Stranda Fjord Trail Race 33km

The trail is 33km long and there are 3 summits along the trail. Total elevation gain for the full 33km run is 3000m. This is our most popular and challenging run.

We also offer two shorter and lighter run, both these runs give spectacular views of the fjords and finish at the top of Roaldshorn which overlooks Stranda. In 2018, we hope to again, fill the 33km run and to increase the number of participants in the 9 km run. We also want adding In 2018 a kids-race for children. 

Stranda Uphill Race Light, 10 km and 1300 vertical meters

SUR is a race from Stranda up to Roaldshorn. It´s shorter than SFTR 35km but by no means a light race, as the 10m follows the last part of the SFTR course, averaging 14% of ascent to the finish line, and providing you epic fjord views on the way up.

Båsenibba 9K

Båsenibba 9km is a fast race on «den trondhjemske postvei.» The race offers an exeptionell view into the world famours Geirangerfjord. The course is on trail the entire time, with the highlight being the part on the top of Båsenibba and the descent down to the finish line on Ljøen.

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