Stranda Fjord Trail Race, 33 km and 3000 verticals

Stranda Fjord Trail Race is about 33 km long with 3 summits and a total ascent of 3000m. For those who thinks that sounds to heavy we have a light-version the same day. Booth races gives you a perfect fjord view and have the finish at the pavilion at the top of Roaldshorn high above Stranda.

The Race

The race starts by the toll road up to Vasset (300masl) The first kilometer of the race is on gravel road before the course hits a hiking trail up to Liavarden (799masl). It continues along the ridge high above the fjord to Duklidalen.


From Duklidalen the course gets tougher towards Mønet (1058 masl). Up towards Mønet it´s steep and you will need to use your hands on some parts here.
TVS - strandafjordtrailrace -3465

Here the course starts climbing and gets more rugged and alpine on the way up to Fremste Blåhornet(1478masl), and further over Heimste Blåhornet(1336masl).
TVS - strandafjordtrailrace -3307

After the descent on the ridge of Heimste Blåhornet the course continues to Vardnakken(878masl) and Dregetua(693masl). The course descents further to the village of Stranda, and the fjord.

It passes Stranda Hotel for a hydration checkpoint, and goes through the village up to Langlo. At Langlo the course hits the hiking trail up to Skuravatnet.

SFTR_Håvard Myklebust-2

From Skuravatnet it gets steep and more alpine on the way up to Trollvardegga (1094masl). From Trollvardegga the course runs on the ridge to Roaldshorn (1230masl), with a beautiful view down to Stranda and the fjord.

SFTR_Håvard Myklebust-21

From Roaldshorn there is a short descent to the Roaldspavillion(1069masl) for finish.


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