SFTR 48K - Stranda fjord trail race

Stranda Fjord Trail Race, 48 km and vertical climb: 3850m

The wilder fjord trail course. Awesome fjord and mountain views, flowy trails, long ascents and descents with challenging technical sections. 

The Race

The race starts in Opshaug (100masl). The first three kilometers of the course is on a gravel road before it hits the hiking trail up to Lievarden (799masl). From Lievarden the course continues on smooth trail on the ridge high above the fjord to Duklidalen (820masl). In Duklidalen you will find the first aid station of the 48K.


From Duklidalen the real climb begins as the course gets steeper up towards Mønet (1058 masl). There´s sections up to Mønet that is 45 degrees step, you will need to do some very light scramble  here. 

On Mønet you have an extraordinay view of the fjord as you are standing 1000meters straight above it. Here the course starts to get more rugged and alpine as it climbs off trail on scree and slab up to Fremste Blåhornet(1478masl). After summiting Fremste Blåhornet the course does a u-turn and backtracks the way it came up, but instead of going down towards Mønet, the course continues straight to Heimste Blåhornet (1330masl). The running on this part of the trail is technical both ascending and descending.

After the technical descent down the ridge of Heimste Blåhornet, the course comes to Blåhornsvatnet where the second aid station of the 48K is. At the aid station the 48K course seperates from the 25K course and takes a left turn into the pass between Heimste Blåhornet and Løfonnfjellet, before it climbs up the ridge and summits Løfonfjellet(1178masl), and continues over the ridge to Rødsethornet(1085masl) with great views towards the Stranda valley and surrounding mountains.

The course continues down from Rødsethornet on trail towards Vardnakken(878masl) and further from Vardnakken the course goes over a marsh to Dregetua(693masl).

At Dregetua the course hits the smooth hiking trail down to Heimerhaugan and continues to Framhus on the smooth hiking trail, and then on road the last bit down to Stranda.

In Stranda the course goes around the hotel and through the «Skinkerådhus» where the 3rd aid station of the 48K course is, this is also where runners who don´t make the cut off time will have to stop.

From the square in Stranda the course continues on various small roads through neighborhoods up to Storgjerdet. Here the course continues on trail up to Roaldshornet.  (1230masl), passing the Fjord Panorama Restaurant on Strandafjellet on the way, where the 4th aid station of the 48K course is.

From Roaldshorn the view down to Stranda and the fjord is pretty epic, and the course descends on technical trail down towards Blåfjellet (1144) and Trollvaregga, and further down to Skuravatnet (630masl).

From Skuravatnet the course climbs off trail up to Skurahornet(899masl), turns around and descents back down to Skuravatnet(630masl) on a techinical trail, and then down to Langlo on a smooth trail.

From Langlo the course follows various smaller roads down to the finish line in on the town square in Stranda.

Course profile:

Practical info SFTR 48K

All runners must register at Race office and sign a release of liability form, and sign a form that states that you have attained all info about the course that SFTR has provided.

Race bibs will be handed out at registration.

Bag drop off
You can drop off your clothing bag for after the race at Race Office when you register.  You will get to race numbers at registration, use one of them to mark your bag.

Mandatory equipment
Here you have a list of items every runner got to have in the backpack during the whole race. You have to use the same backpack for the entire race.

  • Windproof jacket
  • warm Hat / buff
  • Gloves
  • 1 extra energybar
  • 1 extra shirt
  • First field dressing (bandage to stop bleeding with)
  • Cup (We don´t use plastic cups at hydration stations, but every participant gets a SFTR fold cup at registration to bring on the race)
  • Cell phone
  • Whistle

Start SFTR 48 K

The start of SFTR 48K is at 08.00am at Opshaug

Transportation to start
Busses depart from Stranda at 06.50 and 07.10.

Cut off time
Cut off time is 14.00 at Stranda town square, approx 29km into the race.

The race finishes in Stranda at the town square.

Hydration and energy
Runners are responsible to carry their own water/hydration and to bring enough energy in between the aid stations.

Age limit
Age limit for Stranda Fjord Trail Race 48K is 16 years.

It´s allowed to use poles during the race.

Shoe change
It´s allowed to change shoes during the race. But only at aid stations and your crew has to provide the shoes.

It´s only allowed to receive help from your crew at the aid stations along the course.

There´s one exception and that´s within the borders of the village of Stranda (Framhus – Storgjerde), here you can receive help from crew members at any given place. And also receive whatever the locals are serving. The reason we have this rule is that local kids tend to make their own water / juice stations in their driveways, and we want our participants to have the opportunity to receive this threat if desired. However, you receive stuff from the locals at your own risk. SFTR is only responsible for the drinks and foods served at our official aid stations.

Image and video rights
By participating in SFTR, you agree that SFTR are have the right of images and video that our photoagraphers and video crew are documenting you in before, during and after the race at our event locations.

Every runner has to have their own accident insurance to be allowed to enter the race.

Change of course or cancellation of the race
SFTR will always prioritize the saftey of our participants and voulenters. If the weather conditions puts the participants and volulenters in danger, the race organization will change the course. In extreme conditions the race can be cancelled.

By signing up to participate in any SFTR race the particiapant agrees to respect the race organizations decision. 

By signing up to participate in any SFTR race the participant agrees to respect the race organizations decision. 

Up until two months before race date there is a 50% refund on registration fee if the race is cancelled.

There is no refund if the race is cancelled less than two months before to race date.

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