Top 5 tips for reaching your training goals! - Stranda fjord trail race

#1 Fight your brain
The Secret to every achievement, is located in your brain. Your brain will always try taking the easy way out, because it is comfortable. Self-motivation doesn’t come easy, you have to decide to overcome the voice telling you to stop, telling you to stay inside and to quit or give up. Your brain will continue to prevent yourself from reaching your goals until you take control over your own brain. Fight your brain and remember; you are the boss!

#2 Gradually, and not too big steps

You are the only one how can decide the outcome of your own goals. Sometimes even just to participate is an achievement. Make a small plan, as simple as you can. Take baby steps towards your goals, don’t bite off more than one can chew and remember gradually changing are best for the long terms.

#3 Let your target become your biggest dream

The target has to be important enough to maintain your motivation on a rainy day. Important enough to become you’re first priority this week, the next month and maybe even years ahead. So remember your target has to become your biggest dream.

#4 The power of why, what and how? 

The first thing you have to ask yourself, is who am I doing this for? Are you doing it for yourself or others? Why do you want to implement? What will you achieve when you’re on the finish line? Will the pleasure and the price reaching the goal, be enough to maintain your motivation? Remember the key to your motivation is located in why you started.

#5 Substitutes, is the key factor.
Your brain is important when you´re setting yourself new goals, so take the time to be conscious and get to know your own brain. Your brain works in a very fascinating way when you start something new or when you turn a bad habit. The secret is to start exercising at the same time you quit smoking. It is fantastic how effective it is, to have a start- and quit substitute. So remember, the key factor is to always have a substitute when turning a habit or starting something new.

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