Interview with Natalie Lauf - Stranda fjord trail race

Natalie participated in the first issue of Stranda Fjord Trail Race and where also the first to register for the coming years race. We took the chance to do a fast interview with here.

SFTR: How was this years race for you?

This year’s race was wonderful. It was challenging for me as evidenced by my 8 hour time however in my defense I do not run, and had not trained for a running race.
It was beautiful – as you know, nothing can quite compare with Fjord Norway.
It was incredibly well organised! Everyone was very welcoming and the program ran smoothly as expected.
It was inspiring – I met some very devoted, well trained, and ambitious people.
It was explorative – a chance for me to investigate a part of Norway I don’t have a chance to come to so often through the
As a side note, my main hobby in the past few years has been climbing and last summer I had a bad accident in Lofoten with severe brain trauma, coma, two brain surgeries, and subsequent rehab so for me running this race a year later was an opportunity to prove to myself that my energy levels are recovered as well as an opporunity to balance out all of the strength and resistance training I get through the climbing.

SFTR: Why do you want to come back for next years race?

As I mentioned above, I had a wonderful time and would not miss the chance to visit
Fjord Norway again. Additionally, I do not want to miss this great
event, or the chance to level up and improve my time and the benchmark
I have now set for myself. I might even train for it this time around :)!

SFTR: What advice can you give racers that are entering the race in 2016?

Hydrate! Try and stay a few extra days to run some more trails in the area! I can recommend Vibram 5 finger shoes as excellent trail running shoes (grippy, agile, and they adequately protect your feet from
rocks, roots etc although I know that Solomon and Dynafit also have some well reviewed, more conventional footwear available.)

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