Before start all runners must register and sign a release of liability form. Race bibs will be handed out at registration in race office (Stranda Hotel).


We recommend our participants to stay at Stranda Hotel. All participants will get a special SFTR-price on the accommodation. You can book your stay on this link to get the special-price.

Mandatory equipment

Here you have a list of items every runner have to have with you in the backpack during the whole race. You have to have the same backpack through the whole course.

  • Windjacket
  • Hat
  • Gloves
  • 1 extra energybar
  • 1 extra shirt
  • First aid
  • Cell phone
  • Compass
  • Whistle

Start SFTR

The start of Stranda Fjord Trail Race is at 08.00am.

Cut off time

Cut off time is 14.30 (NEW TIME) at Stranda hotel, 24km into the race.

Start SFTR Light 

The start of Stranda Fjord Trail Race Light is at 10.00am.

Starting point is outside of Stranda Hotel


Both races finish at the Roaldpavilion on top of mt. Roaldshorn at Strandafjellet Ski resort.


Gondola transportation down from the mountain is also included in the race fee, and there will be buss transportation down to the hotel from the gondola station. 

Transportation of clothing

Transportation of changing-clothes to the finish is provided for all racers. Clothes must be delivered to race office on Friday or Saturday.
Remember to put your clothes in a bag/backpack, and mark it with your name.

Hydration and energy

Runners are responsible to carry their own water/hydration and to bring enough energy for the entire race. There is two hydration & energy check point along the course, one at Blåhornsvatnet an one before the last climb, at Stranda Hotel.

There are streams/creeks where water can be filled at following places:

Duklidalen 6 km
Blåhornsvannet 11 km
Langloelva 28 km

Age limit

Age limit for Stranda Fjord Trail Race is 15 years.

Age limit for Stranda Fjord Trail Race Light is 12 years

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